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Monday, June 3, 2013

Interactive Whiteboard for Modern Classrooms

Gone are the days when children used to sit facing those ugly-looking blackboards polluting the classroom with chalk dust. With the change in time, the needs of the students have also changed. Now they need smarter ways to study which may hold their interest and help them in retaining the knowledge for a longer period of time. And one such technology is interactive whiteboard.

The blessing of the modern-day technology, interactive whiteboard is more of an entertaining toy for the students that help them in learning faster in an interactive ambience. Internet sources have revealed that these digital whiteboards are creating a stir in classrooms as pupils enjoy learning and find it more interesting and lively. Teachers also praise the benefits of interactive whiteboards in the classrooms and appreciate the tangible improvements in students' participation in studies and various activities. However, people come up with many queries related to interactive whiteboards such as how to use such whiteboards, how do they enrich learning process, how can schools deploy these smart boards in classrooms and much more. Luckily we have answers for all these questions.

Let's delve deeper into the benefits of interactive whiteboards which make them an ideal choice of every educational firm.

Deploy Various Learning Styles

The introduction of interactive whiteboards in learning sector has created a revolution, a pleasing one. With effective use of this incredible technology teachers can encompass various teaching styles which may keep the attention of the students hooked. The main attribute of such digital boards is that it stresses on whole class teaching strategies and include an array of activities such as demonstration, prompting, probing and promoting questioning.

Enrich Demonstrations

They help the teachers in offering better demonstrations in a highly clear, efficient and dynamic way. As students visualize all that they listen, their understanding gets reinforced. With the implementation of abstract ideas and concepts in the classrooms, students learn to interact with a simulation and thus a smart classroom forms shape.

Increase Interaction

Electronic whiteboards promote interaction between teachers and students by engaging everyone in the same central focal point. Students show greater participation and learn the art of socializing and sharing thoughts and opinions with others. You see more number of hands rising to give answers and more cheerful faces eager to learn something new.

Software Choices

Interactive whiteboards are compatible with an array of educational software presenting various curriculum subjects in an interactive way with the help of multiple pictures, sounds, animation and brighter texts. Studying with the help of such software is completely a bliss for both teachers as well as students.

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